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Quickie With Catherine Deveny "Australians Are Losers"

October 6, 2017

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Quickie With Catherine Deveny "Australians Are Losers"

October 6, 2017


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Welcome to Quickie, the podcast that shoots straight from the lip. 


My name is Nevena and each episode I sit down and talk shop with inspiring and dynamic women. Celebrating their stories, successes, and experiences. 


Thank you to the thousands of listeners who’ve lent me their ears and journeyed alongside me all the way to episode 10. 


Over the last few months, I’ve been blessed to have spoken to many wondrous women; from Elizabeth Cambage (Olympic basketballer, DJ, activist, and icon), Mona Chalabi (data editor for The Guardian, BBC, New York Times, ‘information feminist’), & others whose backgrounds span across 5 continents, innumerable industries, and plentiful achievements. 


If you’re joining me for the first time, pull up a pew; for today I’m exceptionally excited to be sitting across from the brilliantly blasphemous bitch Cat Deveny; writer, comedian, social commentator, and non-fuck giver.


Dev become one of my favourite people in 2010, when she was sacked by The Age, where she’d worked as a columnist for 10 years, for piss-taking local celebrities in her personal Twitter Logie commentary. 


In 2012 she re-claimed her crown as the king, queen, and court jester of Twitter after offering the Victoria Police to kill then Queensland premier Campbell Newman. His crime? Slashing funding to the arts. 


The Queensland police, who are now infamous for their use of shit memes which I could class as acts of digital abuse, didn’t quite get the joke so stopped by Dev’s home for an official visit. 

Between then and now, she’s been accused of;

  • Dominating the conversation when she appear on Q&A in 2014 (though analysis of the episode showed that she only spoke half as much as one of the male guests).

  • Being fat.

  • Devaluing the sacredness of motherhood (she has 3 children).

  • Being a self-righteous, pompous piece of dog shit that should keep its pigmouth slut.

  • Not valuing life insurance.

Offensive to some, she’s not just my cup, but my whole bloody pot of it. With penetrating humour, a cutting tongue, and not a single fuck given to date, welcome to Quickie, Cat Dev.



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