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Quickie With Catherine Deveny "Australians Are Losers"

October 6, 2017

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Quickie with Mona Chalabi "420 vs 69"

May 22, 2017


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Catch Mona at Sydney Writer's Festival


Welcome to Quickie, the feminist podcast that shoots straight from the lip. 

My name is Nevena, and I’m absolutely enthralled to be going cheek-to-cheek with data journalist and presenter, Mona Chalabi.  


Awaiting my call in the land of the free and home of the brave, is the data editor of The Guardian, columnist at New York Magazine. Mona presented a documentary for BBC3 about racism in Britain, which aired in October 2015. She is currently writing and presenting TV shows for National Geographic and VICE.


She just so  happens to be the only person who’s delivered  a Ted talk free of smug self-satisfaction, and without asking her audience that tired trope, “imagine a world where children are geese…”


For those who’ve ever had an issue separating fact from figure, Mona’s evocative illustrations help achieve just that; using the medium of Instagram to deliver the message, she is able to make information accessible again. Some of her more notable illustrations include; Pets Perishing on Planes, Nepotism, For Every Dollar a White Man earns…, and Women Will Unite Us. Her drawings are so damn good they’ve been commended by the Royal Statistical Society.


Mona gets down to business in her latest work with Guardian, Vagina dispatches. A series that fills the gaps left behind in sexual health and education; particularly in the USA, where sexual misinformation, abstinence, and purity rings have led to some of the highest numbers of teen pregnancies and STIs.


To quote the Olympics, once again, the winner is Sydney. On May 25-26, she will be appearing on 5 different panels at Sydney Writer’s Festival  speaking about Brexit, numbers and immigration, hate politics of immigration and American carnage. 


A bright spark in world of data, the distillation of information through Mona’s work make facts and figures far more accessible; welcome to Quickie, Mona Chalabi. 

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